• With medudoc, doctors create individualized patient videos in less than one minute while providing: legal compliance for clinics, time savings for physicians and improved patient understanding

    The new standard in modern patient education and informed consent.

    • Validated and standardized
    • Individualised
    • Remote

  • Our intelligent video platform with >400 medical clips generates personalized education videos, tailored to patients’ individual indications.

    How medudoc works

    Our intelligent video platform with >2,000 medical clips generates personalized education videos, tailored to patients’ individual indications.

    By providing

    • automated digital documentation
    • proof of individualization
    • validated medical patient-centred content

    medudoc reduces doctors' time spent on informed consent processes by up to 50%.

  • Benefits for your clinic or practice

    Increased process efficiency 

    Increased process efficiency 

    Our medical engine enables doctors to generate personalized patient videos in less than a minute. Digital documentation happens automatically and reduces bureaucratic burdens.  Clinics using medudoc reduce the hours spent on educational consultations by up to 50%.
    Reduced ad hoc surgery cancellations 

    Reduced ad hoc surgery cancellations 

    In providing better pre-operative information and mitigating patients' anxiety, medudoc can help reduce patient initiated surgery cancellations. 
    Improved legal compliance 

    Improved legal compliance 

    Lost or incomplete documentation cause legal litigations. medudoc provides automated digital documentation, proof of individualization and empirically validated patient comprehension.
    Prevention of staff shortages

    Prevention of staff shortages

    High workloads and time pressure are among the leading causes for high turnover rates in the medical field. medudoc helps to relieve clinical staff by automating large parts of the informed consent process.
    Overcoming language barriers

    Overcoming language barriers

    Patients can watch customized educational videos in their native language and share them with relatives and friends.
    Attracting top-notch medical staff 

    Attracting top-notch medical staff 

    Digital solutions that facilitate the work of health care providers attract medical professionals and set hospitals apart in a highly competitive market.
  • Feedback Clinic Saarbrücken

    "medudoc proves to be an easy set-up system that liberates us doctors from redundant administrative tasks, ensures legal compliance, and demonstrates high satisfaction among both doctors and patients. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates into daily routines, both in outpatient and inpatient settings."


    Prof. Dr. Jan Walter, Head Physician, Department of Neurosurgery

    Feedback Kantonsspital St. Gallen

    "medudoc provides a new approach, which can help us improve the educational process. Patients can get educated in the comfort of their homes, without the stress of having to remember everything during consultations at the hospital. The videos have been developed based on our daily experiences and aim to provide an insight into the process of undergoing a neurosurgical procedure.”


    Anne-Katrin Hickmann, MD, Head Physician of the Clinic for Neurosurgery at Kantonsspital St. Gallen

    Feedback Kantonsspital St. Gallen

    "Patient education is an important activity of my daily work as a Neurosurgeon, but modernization is imperative. A digital video-based solution not only saves me valuable time but also leads to better informed and satisfied patients."


    Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Bozinov, Initiator of medudoc and Chief Physician of the Clinic for Neurosurgery at Kantonsspital St. Gallen
  • Seamless Integration

    Through our API and robust partner network, integrations with digital anamnesis or automated data transfer to HIS / PMS or patient portals are feasible.

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  • Patient Feedback

    "I find it really good, I like to watch videos or read things afterward. At the doctor's you're excited, you don't have the capacity to ask questions. With the medudoc solution, you can watch the video more often and don't have to ask yourself - what was that again?"

    Patient Feedback

    "I was scared before my conversation with the doctor, I felt really bad that day. The sheets of paper, printed on both sides, made it even worse, that was way too much at that moment. A video is good, for me, it definitely reduces anxiety because it is more playful."

    Patient Feedback

    "My video education with medudoc was better than my talk, I learned more and the information stuck more. The visual presentation was not overdone - it fits in the overall picture."

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    Become part of our co-creation approach and further develop our product collectively with medudoc.

  • With medudoc, doctors create individualized patient videos in <1 minute while providing:

    • legal compliance for clinics

    • time savings for physicians

    • improved patient understanding

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  • Our quality assurance and independence

    medudoc quality assurance through triage content validation

    Triage in video


    Our videos are reviewed and revised by a minimum of three different and qualified healthcare professionals from three different hospitals.

    medudoc quality assurance through creation of a general standard in patient education

    More than just

    a video provider

    medudoc is committed to making personalized video-based education the standard in patient education.

    medudoc quality assurance through scientifically substantiated content creation



    Developed by physicians for physicians from the respective medical departments.

    medudoc quality assurance through strictest data restrictions


    data protection

    100% data protection compliant according to DSGVO.

    medudoc quality assurance by achieving an 80% overall comprehension rate in patient testing

    80% Patient

    comprehesion rate

    For publication our educational videos must achieve an 80% overall comprehension rate for in patient testing.

  • Medudoc advisor Dr. Bastian Grande, Senior Consultant at the Institut of Anaesthesiology, University hospital Zurich

    Feedback from our medical advisor:

     "Seventy years after the founding of the first anesthesiological societies, the provision of information and education for patients is practically unchanged. A digital change in form, function, and content can be carried out easily, quickly, and very flexibly with the medudoc solution. Such a relief and making daily work easier and increasing quality - for informed consent!" 


    Bastian Grande, PD, MD, Senior Consultant, Institut of Anaesthesiology, University Hospital Zurich
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    Effects of patient education
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    5 qualities that characterize a modern patient education process.

    5 qualities that characterize
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    Do crises inspire innovations? COVID-19 as a booster for digital health solutions​

    Do crises inspire innovations?
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  • Newly gained benefits for patients

    medudoc benefits #1: Patients receive comprehensive content about their procedure through medudoc

    Comprehensive Content

    A visual explanation of the operation contributes to a better understanding.
    With still enough time for specific follow-up questions with the doctor.
    Dr. Google becomes unnecessary.
    medudoc benefit #2: Patients can consume their education content on-demand from wherever they want

    On-Demand Education

    The personalized video is securely sent to the patient before the operation.
    Viewable as often as desired from anywhere, thus time pressure for consent is relieved.
    medudoc benefit #3: Patients can share their personal education video with relatives or trusted persons.

    Family Sharing

    Often, a medical intervention is mentally stressful for family members as well.
    If desired, patients can share their personal information video with relatives or trusted persons.
  • Benefits for healthcare professionals and clinics

    More time for patients with medudoc

    More Time

    Our algorithm automatically creates a video stream for the upcoming medical procedure that can be easily edited and sent to the patient.


    Doctors can skip the profane paperwork.

    medudoc improves the quality of doctor-patient interaction

    Improved Quality

    Video as the standard for patient education enables healthcare professionals to have meaningful interactions with patients.


    Underlying concerns and barriers may be uncovered.

    medudoc protects from legal litigation by storing the informed consent digitally

    Personal Safety

    Lost or incomplete documentation can be a source for legal litigation. medudoc digitally stores informed consent proof and makes it demonstrable.


    Our sound algorithm protects from wrong or insufficient patient information.

    medudoc empowers patients to be fully informed about their medical intervention and make informed decisions

    Satisfied Patients

    medudoc tailors and standardizes video content for the individual patient with a proven process and algorithm.


    Higher rates of understanding in patients leaves them feeling confident and empowered.

    medudoc saves doctors time by creating personalised video content automatically based on the patients medical profile

    Save Money

    Every planned medical procedure requires a minimum of one informed consent session between a doctor and the patient.


    Often, this takes more than 30 minutes. medudoc automates the majority of this process in a meaningful way.

  • At medudoc we  believe that personalized, standardized and digitalized patient education is the key to a successful state-of-the-art doctor-patient communication.

    We envision a future of ...

    The number of patients and people in need of care will continue to rise in the coming years. By 2025, an additional 80,000 full-time employees will probably be needed in the medical services of hospitals. At the same time, the number of people who are capable of working will decline. The shortage of skilled personnel will intensify, and it will become more difficult to cover the corresponding personnel requirements.

    Labor-saving technical digital innovations will be indispensable to relieve the burden on doctors and nursing staff. Medudoc relieves physicians of exactly these redundant activities so that they can concentrate on the things that really matter: Saving lives. In addition, cost bearers save time and money through efficiently conducted information talks, which they can then invest elsewhere.


    We believe that personalized, standardized and digitalized patient education is the key to a successful state-of-the-art doctor-patient communication. Given the fact of a critical shortage of medical staff we've created a relevant tool that provides the necessary digital support to cope with the daily demands of hospital life.