• Automating Individualised Patient Education

    Our API empowers healthcare providers to leverage patient data for personalised, engaging, and comprehensive patient education content. Simplify the informed consent process, save time, and enhance patient engagement with automated informed consent sheets, personalized video content, and complete documentation.

    medudoc for Pharma


    Optimize medication adherence and compliance while enhancing the process of obtaining informed consent for clinical trials, resulting in improved patient outcomes and streamlined trial procedures.

    medudoc for Insurances


    Increase patient satisfaction and awareness, reduce healthcare costs and improve legal compliance. Through valuable data insights you stay at the forefront of healthcare innovation.


    medudoc for Medical Devices


    Optimize your devices' usability and safety through digital education and gain competitive advantages.


    medudoc for Medical Software


    Empower healthcare professionals to deliver patient education in one click and drive patient engagement through individualised education videos in your platform.

  • By leveraging the power of medudoc connect API, healthcare providers can seamlessly distribute personalized patient education by utilizing existing patient data. 

  • How medudoc's connect API works


    medudoc API Customization

    1. Request Customized Patient Education

    Healthcare providers send an patient education request to the secure medudoc API, providing the patient data points needed to personalize the patient education, such as patient or procedural data.

    medudoc API Personalised Video

    2. Receive Personalized Video Education

    medudoc's powerful API promptly responds with a unique video URL, leading to a tailored patient education video specifically designed to meet each patient's unique needs.

    medudoc API Informed Consent

    3. Simplify Informed Consent

    Alongside the video, medudoc automatically generates an informed consent sheet that can be directly signed, eliminating the need for manual paperwork.

    medudoc API Tracking Data

    4. Track Patient Engagement

    Healthcare providers can retrieve valuable insights into patient behavior and interaction via the medudoc API. Metrics such as video openings and feedback can be captured, allowing HCPs and medudoc to assess and optimize the video content accordingly.

  • Benefits of using medudoc's innovative connect API for streamlined patient education

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    Enhanced Patient Engagement

    • Delivery of personalized video content for engaging patient education
    • Patient empowering and informed healthcare decisions.
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    Simplified Informed Consent Process

    • Automated informed consent process
    • Digital consent forms eliminate manual paperwork
    • Reduced administrative burden and time savings
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    Comprehensive Documentation

    • Secure documentation and tracking of the informed consent process, including video views and document signing.
    • Legal compliance and transparency
    • Enhanced accountability and protecting healthcare providers.
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    Time Savings for HCPs

    • Automated patient education content and consent form delivery
    • HCPs to prioritize direct patient care by reducing repetitive administrative tasks.
    • Enhanced workflow efficiency and overall productivity.
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    Leveraging Patient Data

    • Personalized content delivery by leveraging patient data from EHRs and other sources.
    • Tailored educational materials to individual patient needs, history, and preferences.
    • Enhanced patient satisfaction, comprehension, and health outcomes.