• medudoc offers the first customized video animation platform to inform patients about their upcoming medical procedure.

    medudoc offers the first configurable video animation platform to inform patients about their medical procedure.

    Co-developed with doctors and patients, our product provides

    • an easy set-up that frees doctors from redundant admin activities
    • improved legal compliance and
    • a high satisfaction rate with doctors and patients. 

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  • Our video content at a glance

    For now, we offer configurable video content for six medical departments in different languages.

    medudoc Anaesthesia Videos


    medudoc Orthopaedics Videos


    medudoc General Surgery Videos

    General Surgery

    medudoc Radio-Oncology Videos


    medudoc Neurosurgery Videos


    medudoc Obstetrics Videos


  • In three steps to a personalized patient video

    medudoc improves the patient education process for physicians with digital and automatic creation of personalized educational videos.
    Patients receive individually tailored information regarding their procedure which leads to a significant increase in understanding.

    Video creation process step 1: Filtering of content
    1. Step

    Video content is filtered based on the medical department and the specifications of the procedure

    Video creation process step 2: Selection of video snippets

    2. Step

    Video parts can be selected
    or deselected based on patient's individual health profiles

    Video creation process step 3: Review of personalised video before sending it to patients

    3. Step

    After curating doctors can check
    the whole video before sending it directly to the patient

  • Patient empowerment constitutes one of our core values at medudoc.

    Find out more about our approach to creating patient-centred content with high medical accuracy in our content quality objectives.

  • medudoc works browser-based on many devices. 

    We are platform agnostic

    medudoc is a browser-based platform accessible on multiple devices, eliminating the need for technology investments.

    Doctors can conveniently access the platform from hospitals' computers or other devices, like tablets.  

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  • Several studies indicate the positive effect of audiovisual materials for patient education.

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    Downsides of analog patient education

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    Benefits of multi-media patient education

  • Our results from independent patient surveys support the positive effect of video-based education

    We conducted a survey with 122 patients and, in addition to comprehension, we also tested the following topics:

    • Understandability

    • Usefulness

    • Satisfaction

    • Style & Animation

    If you are interested in the further results of our survey, we can explain and show them to you in our demo session.

    Results from medudoc user testing
  • From the idea to the final video

    Our content creation process at a glance

    medudoc content creation process