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    Cutting Edge Video Education for Eye Surgery

    Find out how we create patient-centred education videos about eye surgery to increase patients' comprehension and overall satisfaction.


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  • 1. Patient Journey: medudoc guides ophthalmology patients on their way to better eyesight

    Videos created by medudoc cover all relevant aspects of the patient journey. In this way, patients are assisted to better understand the clinic procedures in the context of an outpatient cataract operation.


    Information on the hospital stay and the duration of the operation, as well as on appointments for follow-up examinations and general behavioural instructions help patients to actively prepare for the operation and provide additional security.


    At the same time, important information for the patient's own preparation and aftercare is conveyed, such as the correct use of eye drops before the procedure or the wearing of eye protection afterwards.


    This way, patients are given the opportunity to understand their procedure as well as the background of their individual treatment plan and to contribute to a successful outcome.

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    The doctor-patient consultation

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    The preparation before surgery

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    The operation and surgical steps

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    Follow-up examinations

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    Instructions for the time after surgery


    medudoc presents precise information along with lean and clear animations to illustrate a series of steps in the radiation procedure.

    2. Medical Animation: accurate visualisations of anatomical structures and surgical steps - adapted to patients' baseline knowledge.

    • Although cataract surgery is considered a routine procedure from a medical point of view, many patients are concerned about the treatment. Since the eye is a very sensitive and small sensory organ, these concerns are often associated with the question of how surrounding structures of the lens can be protected.

    • For this reason, the surgical steps applying to an individual patient are explained following a basic introduction to the anatomy of the eye and the development of cataract. For example, the extracapsular cataract extraction, phacoemulsification with ultrasound and the use of a posterior chamber lens may be explained in detail. Patient-friendly language and illustrations ensure better understanding without being intimidating.

    • As a result of the improved knowledge transfer, medudoc's educational videos also reduce patient anxiety and lead to more efficient doctor-patient conversations.

  • Available video content

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    Cataract surgery is part of routine medical practice. At the same time, the information session for patients is usually the first detailed explanation of this frequent procedure.


    In order to ensure the best possible adaptation of the information to the patient's level of knowledge and psychological needs, the medudoc videos go into detail about the course of the entire treatment, including the preparation and time after the operation.


    Many of the most frequently asked questions are answered before the personal consultation.

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    As one of the most common procedures in ophthalmology, IVOM is particularly relevant in the efficient design of educational talks.


    With easy-to-understand information and clear illustrations, medudoc videos provide a solid knowledge base so that more room is created for targeted questions in the personal educational discussion.

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    Laser eye surgery for ametropia

    Today, laser procedures are an attractive alternative to wearing contact lenses and glasses for many patients. However, the differences between the many procedures used, such as LASIK, (trans)PRK or SMILE, with their advantages and disadvantages, can lead to uncertainty.


    For this reason, the medudoc educational videos are designed to support patient understanding as best as possible by providing concise information. In particular, those aspects are highlighted that enable patients to actively contribute to the success of the treatment.

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    Glaucoma surgery

    • Iridotomy
    • Trabekelectomi

    Available from January 2023

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    Corneal transplantation

    Available from January 2023

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    Post-cataract surgery

    Available from January 2023

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