• medudoc's approach to creating patient-centred content with high medical accuracy.

  • We deliver complex medical content that also meets the psychological needs of the patient prior to their procedure.

    1. Research and selection of relevant content

    Through research and in collaboration with doctors of the respective specialities our medical education team gathers detailed information around the medical procedure and everything it entails:
    • preoperative instructions 
    • surgical techniques 
    • postoperative risks etc. 
    The information is condensed and rephrased to fit the purpose of educating patients on a level that requires no preliminary medical knowledge.

    2. The right balance of details

    Not only does it matter what is communicated to a patient, it also matters how this is done.
    medudoc explains surgical procedures and associated risks in a comprehensible manner which balances the necessary degree of detail on the one hand and required abstraction on the other hand. 
    This ensures that patients are well informed and educated rather than anxious and unsettled after the informed consent process.

    3. Bridging the gap of unmet visualisation needs

    Real-life videos of surgical procedures can be highly anxiety inducing for someone outside the medical field and potentially even cause patients to change their minds about a surgical course of treatment.
    On the other hand, education materials like drawings and comic-like illustrations, which are commonly used at clinics, are often over-simplified or reductive and therefore inadequate for comprehensive patient education.
    At medudoc we haven chosen the holistic approach of taking both physiological as well as psychological factors into account when creating patient education content. This is what sets medudoc apart.
  • Patient empowerment constitutes one of our core values .

    We believe that comprehensive patient education should not only cover information about the medical condition and respective treatment but also encompass important aspects of the patient journey.

  • medudoc's holistic approach manifests in the incorporation of the patient journey.

    Patients in need of surgery are in a vulnerable position, not only physically but also psychologically. Many patients are anxious and worried during the time leading up to their operation.


    Smooth clinic processes can largely shape a patient's hospital experience, ultimately impacting patient's well-being.


    medudoc videos can be adjusted to contain specific information on pre- or postoperative instructions, processes during the hospital stay and how to prepare and contribute as a patient.


    If any aspects of the patient journey are irrelevant in the individual case of a certain patient, the consulting physician can simply deselect and therefore exclude those segments from the video, hence, curating a highly personalised and precise education video.

  • We take an agile approach to service and content development to ensure continuous improvement and adaption of our solution.

    Through multiple feedback loops with collaborating health care providers, doctors using the platform and patients at the receiving end of the education process, data are gathered and analysed. Gained insights are then incorporated in our proceedings.

  • When surveying patients regarding their experience with medudoc we put an emphasis on the following dependent variables as quality indicators:

    • Objective Comprehension: A knowledge questionnaire is set up specifically for each procedure to measure patients' knowledge acquisition.
    • Subjective Comprehension: Patients are asked to rate their subjective information retention since we believe that this will impact their overall informed consent experience and satisfaction with the received education.
    • Understandability: More peripheral aspects of the video such as clarity and information density are inquired.
    • Style: Visual aspects and perceived professionalism, specifically pertaining to the the audiovisual video format, are covered.
    • Satisfaction: Overall satisfaction with medudoc and video-based education lie at the focus of this survey section.

  • Part of our medical validation process are in-depth expert interviews with independent doctors from different clinics.

    This ensures that the content is as generally applicable as possible while staying adaptable to individual requirements and points of divergence.


    We gather feedback in the areas of:

    • General feedback on the user interface 
    • Usability of our medudoc app 
    • Medical accuracy 
    • Correct depiction of clinical workflows, roles or locations

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