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    medudoc's approach to creating patient-centred content with high medical accuracy.

  • We deliver complex medical content that also meets the psychological needs of the patient prior to their procedure.

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    1. Research and selection of relevant content

    In collaboration with specialized doctors, our medical education team conducts research to gather comprehensive insights into the specific medical procedure and its associated details.
    1. Preoperative Instructions: Clear guidelines and recommendations to prepare patients before the procedure.
    2. Surgical Techniques: In-depth understanding of the techniques employed during the procedure.
    3. Postoperative Risks: Thorough examination of potential risks and complications following the procedure.

    Our team condenses and rephrases complex medical information, ensuring that it is accessible and easily understood by patients, regardless of their prior medical knowledge.


    By delivering valuable educational content, we empower patients to make informed decisions and feel more confident throughout their healthcare journey.

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    2. Effective Communication: medudoc balances clarity and context in explaining surgical procedures and risks

    We understand that the way information is conveyed to patients is as crucial as the content itself.


    That's why we prioritize explaining surgical procedures and associated risks in a comprehensible manner that strikes a balance between necessary detail and appropriate abstraction.


    This approach ensures that patients are well-informed and educated, alleviating anxiety and promoting a sense of understanding and confidence during the informed consent process.

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    3. Bridging the gap of unmet visualisation needs

    While real-life surgical procedure videos can be anxiety-inducing and impact patients' decision-making, simplistic illustrations commonly used in clinics may fall short of providing comprehensive patient education.


    At medudoc, we take a holistic approach, considering both physiological and psychological factors when creating our patient education content, setting us apart.


    By striking the right balance, we ensure that our materials are informative, alleviating anxiety while empowering patients to make well-informed decisions regarding their surgical course of treatment.

  • Patient empowerment constitutes one of our core values .

    We believe that comprehensive patient education should not only cover information about the medical condition and respective treatment but also encompass important aspects of the patient journey.

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    Enhancing Patient Experience: medudoc's holistic approach to personalized surgical education

    medudoc embraces a holistic approach by incorporating the patient journey, recognizing that individuals requiring surgery are not only physically vulnerable but also face psychological challenges. Preoperative anxiety and worry are common among patients during this time.


    Streamlined clinic processes play a significant role in shaping a patient's overall hospital experience, directly impacting their well-being.


    With medudoc's versatile videos, specific information on pre-and postoperative instructions, hospital processes, and patient preparation can be tailored.


    By considering the unique needs of patients and allowing customization, medudoc aims to alleviate anxiety and empower patients with the knowledge necessary to actively participate in their own care, ultimately enhancing their overall surgical journey.
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    Collaborative feedback loops enhance our solution

    We adopt an agile approach to continuously enhance and adapt our solution.


    Through collaborative feedback loops involving healthcare providers, doctors, and patients, we gather and analyze data to gain valuable insights.


    These insights inform our ongoing proceedings, allowing us to constantly improve and meet the evolving needs of our users.

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    Quality Indicators in Patient Experience

    • Objective Comprehension: A knowledge questionnaire is set up specifically for each procedure to measure patients' knowledge acquisition.
    • Subjective Comprehension: Patients are asked to rate their subjective information retention since we believe that this will impact their overall informed consent experience and satisfaction with the received education.
    • Understandability: More peripheral aspects of the video such as clarity and information density are inquired.
    • Style: Visual aspects and perceived professionalism, specifically pertaining to the the audiovisual video format, are covered.
    • Satisfaction: Overall satisfaction with medudoc and video-based education lie at the focus of this survey section.

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    Robust Medical Validation: In-Depth Interviews with Independent Doctors from Diverse Clinics

    We prioritize making our content universally applicable while remaining flexible to individual needs and variations.


    To achieve this, we actively gather feedback in the following key areas:

    1. User Interface: Seeking general feedback on the usability and intuitiveness of our interface.
    2. medudoc App Usability: Assessing the ease of use and functionality of our dedicated app.
    3. Medical Accuracy: Ensuring the precision and correctness of medical information presented.
    4. Workflow Depiction: Verifying the accurate portrayal of clinical workflows, roles, and locations.

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  • medudoc strives to empower patients to make informed decisions based on knowledge opposed to emotion.