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    Cutting Edge Video Education

    for Tumor Resections

    Find out how we create patient-centered education videos for tumor resection surgeries to increase patients' comprehension and overall satisfaction.


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  • 1. Patient Journey: medudoc guides brain tumor patients on their way to recovery

    medudoc videos cover all relevant aspects of the patient journey to improve patients' understanding of clinical processes in the scope of their tumor resection surgery.


    For instance, the video provides information regarding each department or person the patient will be in contact with leading up to their surgery and what these individual appointments will entail. In the case of our tumor resection videos, patients are provided with a number of very helpful and specific instructions for the time before and after their procedure to help achieve the best possible outcome.


    This way patients are given the opportunity to contribute and gain a sense of security as well as self-efficacy.

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    Scheduling of the procedure and pre-surgical instructions

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    Preparation for the surgery

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    The procedure and surgical steps

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    Appointments for post-operative exams

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    Instructions for post-operative behavior


    medudoc presents precise information along with lean and clear animations to illustrate a series of steps in the surgical procedure.

    2. Medical Animation: accurate visualisations of tumor resections aligned with patients' emotional needs.

    • Brain tumor resections being perceived as very invasive procedures, patients often experience a lot of anxiety and fears around the surgery. For this reason we aimed to create an educational video that is especially sensitive to the anticipated emotional states of patients at the time of watching the video. 

    • Although all relevant steps to the procedure such as the fixation of the patient's head, the placement of the incision, the tumor resection and the collection of tissue samples are displayed, the focus was set on enabling comprehension and logical decision making rather than overly graphic visualisations. 

    • This approach attenuates patients' initial emotional reactions and creates room to discuss the procedure in more detail with the physician.

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    3. User Research: doctors and patients confirm the value of our tumor resection videos

    Our validation survey for the tumor resection videos with 100 test users yielded highly reaffirming results:

    • Comprehension rate of 86%
    • High overall satisfaction rates (87%) with 86% of participants wanting to recommend the video to friends and family
    • High levels of usefulness with 96% of participants rating the video as useful for a better comprehension of the procedure

    To measure comprehension, for instance, participants were presented with questions covering each of the video's major content segments, such as indication, risks and surgical procedure.

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    "Very well and comprehensibly animated. Although I have no connection to medicine, I still understand the processes and methods that were shown."

    Patient, 2021

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    "Super professional, absolutely aesthetic and not at all intimidating, so I think it's really good to build trust and give the patient a feeling of security. It looks sophisticated and clean, so I think it's really good and also the scope, it's not overwhelming, excessive..."

    Doctor, 2021