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    Cutting Edge Video Education -

    Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer

    Find out how we create patient-centered education videos about radiotherapy for prostate cancer to increase patients' comprehension and overall satisfaction.


    Request access to our demo to gain an insight into our patient-centered video content.

  • 1. Patient Journey: medudoc guides radiooncology patients on their way to recovery

    medudoc videos cover all relevant aspects of the patient journey to improve patients' understanding of clinical processes in the scope of their radiation therapy.


    For instance, the radiotherapy video provides plenty of information regarding the indication for radiation, the discussion of treatment alternatives and the scheduling of the treatment. Useful instructions to follow before, during and after radiotherapy are provided to ensure that the patient is well informed regarding the radiation itself as well as its context in terms of clinic processes.


    This way patients are given the opportunity to contribute and gain a sense of security as well as self-efficacy.

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    Discussion of treatment alternatives with the treating physician

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    Explanation of the scheduled treatment intervals

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    Instructions regarding preparation for the radiation

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    Steps in the radiation process

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    Instructions for the time after radiation


    medudoc presents precise information along with lean and clear animations to illustrate a series of steps in the radiation procedure.

    2. Medical Animation: accurate visualisations of radiotherapy aligned with patients' emotional needs.

    • Hearing the word "radiation" can be intimidating and anxiety-inducing to patients. For this reason we aimed to provide useful context information regarding the course and scheduling of out-patient radiotherapy and thus demystify the radiation process.

    • Patients are provided with a comprehensive overview of common risks associated with radiation as well as side effects to watch out for and how each of these can be treated.

    • For instance, patients are informed that experiencing fatigue or exhaustion in the course of radiotherapy is common and treatable which may reduce feelings of anxiety in case these symptoms do occur. 

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    3. User Research: doctors and patients confirm the value of our radiotherapy videos

    Our validation survey for the radiotherapy videos with 109 test users yielded highly reaffirming results:

    • Comprehension rate of 79%
    • High overall satisfaction rate of 90%
    • Overall very positive feedback regarding video style and animation with 87% of participants rating the audiovisual animations as appealing

    To measure comprehension, for instance, participants were presented with questions covering each of the video's major content segments, such as indication, risks and course of treatment.

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    "Rarely seen such a good explanatory video (not lying!) Not too many animations, simple and easily recognizable pictograms. Appeals to both younger and older patients - in my opinion: great!"

    Patient, 2021

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    "That's super cool with the education. At the moment this is an hour during which the patient understands very little. It's great that you can prepare them with pictures. It's ideal that you can put it together yourself, I didn't know that before.​"

    Doctor, 2021

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    Clear information about clinical processes increase patients' self-efficacy

    • medudoc videos cover all relevant aspects of the patient journey to improve patients' understanding of clinical processes in the scope of their hip replacement surgery.
    • For instance, the video provides information regarding each department or person the patient will be in contact with leading up to their surgery and what these individual appointments will entail.
    • This way patients are given the opportunity to prepare for each appointment and gain a sense of security as well as self-efficacy.




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    How medudoc ensures individual patient education for different clincial workflows and standards.

    Creating patient education videos for hip-replacement led to numerous insights regarding clinic workflows as well as medical aspects.

    • Multiple physicians pointed out how postoperative protocols and according instructions for patients vary.
    • While one surgeon might ask their patient to refrain from strenuous movement and to rest for multiple days after surgery, another physician might instruct their patients to get up and move as soon as possible to facilitate recovery. 
    • Accordingly, medudoc included a segment which was in line with the majority of feedback (encouraging mobilisation rather sooner than later) all the while advising patients to consult their physician and physiotherapist for individual instructions and to follow their personal treatment plan. 
    • Additionally, physicians can exclude the information from the video all together if it is not in line with their professional recommendation for a particular case.