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    Cutting Edge Video Education

    for General Surgery

    Find out how we create patient-centered education videos for hernia repairs to increase patients' comprehension and overall satisfaction.


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  • 1. Patient Journey: medudoc guides patients with inguinal hernias along their way to recovery

    medudoc videos cover all relevant aspects of the patient journey to improve patients' understanding of clinical processes in the scope of their hernia repair surgery.


    For instance, the video provides information regarding all relevant points of contact with various health care providers and what each of these appointments will entail. Additionally, aspects pertaining the patient's stay at the hospital or outpatient treatment as well as behavioral instructions for the time after the procedure are covered.


    This way patients are given the opportunity to prepare for each appointment and contribute to the success of the procedure which in turn fosters a sense of security and self-efficacy.

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    Discussion of treatment alternatives with treating physician

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    Hospitalization on the day of surgery

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    Undergoing hernia repair surgery

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    Being discharged and leaving the hospital after the procedure

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    Instructions for postoperative behavior


    medudoc presents precise information along with lean and clear animations to illustrate a series of steps in the hernia repair procedure.

    2. Medical Animation: clear visualisations of hernia repair techniques mitigates patients' anxiety due to lacking information.

    • In the scope of developing our hernia repair content we aimed to adequately depict the intricacies of the chosen surgical technique (TAPP, Lichtenstein Repair etc.) while keeping the information concise and comprehensible for patients. 

    • For this reason, the patient is firstly informed about general anatomical characteristics of inguinal hernias and the indication for surgery. Clear and easy to follow visualisations cover aspects such as the placement of the incision(s), the inflation of the abdomen with gas and the placement of the surgical mesh between the layers of the abdominal wall and the peritoneum.

    • Thereby we incorporated feedback from our collaborating medical experts who pointed out a common lack of understanding in their patients regarding the exact position or material of the remaining mesh. 

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    3. User Research: doctors and patients confirm the value of our hernia repair videos

    Our validation survey for the inguinal hernia videos with 105 test users yielded highly reaffirming results:

    • Comprehension rate of 80%
    • High satisfaction rates with 97% of participants agreeing that the video is helpful for understanding the procedure
    • Immensely positive feedback regarding video style and animation with 99% of participants rating the audiovisual animations as appealing 

    To measure comprehension, for instance, participants were presented with questions covering each of the video's major content segments, such as preparation, procedure and risks.

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    "The graphics were really well chosen. Realistic but not too real, so that the exact description of the surgery does not cause disgust or anything similar, as is sometimes the case when operations are shown on television. Very appealing and explained in simple terms."

    Patient, 2021

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    "I would want to use it. It kind of is the Zeitgeist, it simplifies steps and decreases workload. It supports you in your everyday, you need less time and the patient is still informed just as well, probably better. And also from the videos and images, they will have a better idea."

    Doctor, 2021