• The new standard for

    patient education

    and informed consent.

    • Validated and standardized
    • Individualised
    • Remote

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  • Digital Patient Education with medudoc

    medudoc enhances clinical workflows by providing patient-centred, audiovisual educational content that ensures legal security for doctors and automated documentation.

  • Legally Secure and Simple Documentation

    With our electronic signature, consent documents are signed securely in compliance with ISO 27001 and eIDAS standards.

    Comprehensive Content for Every Consent Situation

    From routine procedures to complex surgeries, we offer tailored consent options that precisely meet the individual needs of patients. 

    Convenient Preparation from Home

    Receiving consent videos in advance makes preparation easier and less stressful for patients. 

    Remote Consent via Telemedicine

    Informed consent can be conducted remotely using our e-signature feature.

    Integrated into Patient Portal, HIS, or PVS 

    With standardized APIs, medudoc seamlessly integrates into existing systems, and documents are automatically transferred.

    Over 50% Time Savings in Consent Processes 

    Our randomized controlled trials with university hospitals demonstrate that medudoc significantly reduces consent time compared to traditional methods, increasing patient satisfaction. 

  • What our clients say

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    “With medudoc, medical education and documentation are digital, visual, and tailored to each individual patient. On average, this saves half the time usually spent on consultation discussions. The time saved can be invested in treating more patients.”

    Prof. Dr. med. Oliver Bozinov

    Chief Surgeon Clinic for Neurosurgery 

    Kantonsspital St. Gallen

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    “medudoc proves to be an easy-to-set-up system that frees us doctors from redundant administrative tasks, ensures legal security, and demonstrates high satisfaction among both doctors and patients. Additionally, it is easy to integrate into daily routines, both in outpatient and inpatient settings.”

    Prof. Dr. Jan Walter

    Chief Surgeon Clinic for Neurosurgery

    Klinikum Saarbrücken 

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    “Many software solutions cannot be adequately tailored to the individual workflows of a practice. For my work, I wanted a flexible solution that I could use in various ways. With medudoc, I found a provider that exceeded my expectations.”

    Dr. Arash Zarkesh, MD

    Owner, Ophthalmology Practice

    Augenärzte Gevelsberg und Ennepetal

  • Our intelligent video platform with >400 medical clips generates personalized education videos, tailored to patients’ individual indications.

    How medudoc works

    Our intelligent video platform, featuring over 4,000 clips, generates personalized medical education videos tailored to each patient’s condition.


    By providing:

     Automated digital documentation

     Proof of personalization

     Validated medical and patient-centred content


    medudoc reduces the time doctors spend on consultation processes by up to 77%.

  • Benefits for your clinic or practice

    Increased process efficiency 
    Increased process efficiency
    Reduced ad hoc surgery cancellations 
    Reduced ad hoc surgery cancellations
    Improved legal compliance 
    Improved legal compliance
    Prevention of staff shortages
    Prevention of staff shortages
    Overcoming language barriers
    Overcoming language barriers
    Attracting top-notch medical staff 
    Attracting top-notch medical staff
  • Seamless Integration

    Through our API and robust partner network, integrations with digital anamnesis or automated data transfer to HIS / PMS or patient portals are feasible.

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  • Do you represent a clinic?

    Become part of our co-creation approach and further develop our product collectively with medudoc.