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    Cutting Edge Video Education

    for Orthopaedics

    Find out how we create individualized education videos for hip replacement surgery to increase patients' comprehension and overall satisfaction.


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  • 1. Patient Journey: medudoc guides hip replacement patients on their way to recovery

    medudoc videos cover all relevant aspects of the patient journey to improve patients' understanding of clinical processes in the scope of their hip replacement surgery.


    For instance, the video provides information regarding each department or person the patient will be in contact with leading up to their surgery and what these individual appointments will entail.


    Patients are given the opportunity to prepare for each appointment which fosters feelings of security and self-efficacy.

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    Consultation and examination with orthopaedic surgeon

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    Blood-drawl and preparation by nursing staff

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    Consultation with anaesthesiologist

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    Coordination with patient management

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    Appointment with social services


    medudoc presents precise information along with lean and clear animations to illustrate a series of steps in the surgical procedure.

    2. Medical Animation: accurate visualisations of hip replacements aligned with patients' emotional needs.

    • Looking at available multi-media education material for hip-replacement surgeries, we quickly identified a lack of visual content that facilitates understanding of the procedure without being too graphic and detailed.

    • This way, the surgical access, the replacement of the femoral head and socket, the insertion of the prosthesis stem and the fixation of the new hip joint become transparent to the patient on a more technical level which fosters comprehension and logical decision making. 

    • This approach attenuates patients' initial emotional reactions and creates room to discuss the procedure in more detail with the physician.

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    3. User Research: doctors and patients confirm the value of our hip replacement videos

    Our validation survey for the hip-replacement videos with 111 test users yielded highly reaffirming results:

    • Comprehension rate of 76%
    • Satisfaction rate of more than 87%
    • Overall positive feedback regarding video style and animation

    To measure comprehension, for instance, participants were presented with questions covering each of the video's major content segments, such as indication, risks and surgical procedure.

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    "When talking to the doctor, you are often overwhelmed with a lot of information, the video, on the other hand, you can watch at home in peace and above all, it is easily explained without medical consultants I think it’s great"

    Patient, 2021

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    "The average hip patient is 75 years old and has secondary diseases. For them the information is extensive and difficult to absorb. I find the anatomical illustrations very well done. They are simplified so that everyone can understand it."

    Doctor, 2021