• Cutting Edge Video Education

    for General Anesthesia

    Find out how we create patient-centered education videos for general anasthesia to increase patients' comprehension and overall satisfaction.


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  • 1. Patient Journey: medudoc guides general anaesthesia patients along their way to recovery

    medudoc videos cover all relevant aspects of the patient journey to improve patients' understanding of clinical processes in the scope of undergoing general anaesthesia.


    For instance, the video provides valuable recommendations regarding the patient's behavior before and after their procedure. It also covers information on different departments or personnel the patient will be in contact with and what these individual appointments will entail.


    Patients are given the opportunity to prepare for each appointment and contribute to the success of the procedure which in turn fosters a sense of security and self-efficacy.

    Dietary instructions prior to the procedure

    Entering the OR with the anaesthesiology team

    Undergoing anaesthesia

    Waking up after the procedure

    Instructions for postoperative behavior


    medudoc presents precise information along with lean and clear animations to illustrate a series of steps in the general anaesthesia procedure.

    2. Medical Animation: accurate visualisations of general anaesthesia contents aligned with patients' informational needs.

    • In the scope of developing our general anaesthesia content we aimed to find an optimal balance between providing precise information around the basic steps of general anaesthesia while also covering potential accompanying measures. 

    • The patient is informed about routine steps such as going to sleep, mechanical ventilation or airway management. Additionally aspects of higher complexity, in case of high risk or prolonged procedures, are covered. These include the placement of a central line, a gastric tube, blood transfusions and many more. 

    • This approach ensures that patients gain a clear understanding of the general anaesthesia procedure without being overwhelmed with a plethora of information.

  • 3. User Research: doctors and patients confirm the value of our general anaesthesia videos

    Our validation survey for the general anaesthesia videos with 122 test users yielded highly reaffirming results:

    • Comprehension rate of 86%

    • High satisfaction rates with 89% of participants wanting to recommend the video to friends and family

    • Overall positive feedback regarding video style and animation

    To measure comprehension, for instance, participants were presented with questions covering each of the video's major content segments, such as preparation, procedure and risks.

  • "This is a very good video, it would be good if you had this ready very soon, my brother is going to have surgery soon and so am I again, I would love to have this."

    Patient, 2020

    "From my point of view, the video is very pleasant and yet clearly designed. In terms of content, you probably can't express yourself more simply."

    Doctor, 2020

  • We cover configurable education videos for the following procedures within the field of anaesthesia:

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    PDA for Obstetrics

    Spinal Anaesthesia

    will follow soon

    Peripheral Anaesthesia

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