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    A Strong Connection

    medudoc and tomedo® enable seamless integration of individualized patient education and documentation for practices.

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    The practice software tomedo® was developed by doctors and offers a comprehensive range of features for efficient practice organization, making it a fast, stable, and innovative medical software.


    These features cater to various medical specialities, ensure seamless device integration, enable smooth data transfer, hold extensive certifications for various billing methods, and employ advanced artificial intelligence to provide precise billing suggestions.


    Furthermore, the software offers voice recognition for dictations, video consultations for modern online patient care, convenient online appointment scheduling, and a variety of other practice-relevant functionalities to optimize daily operations.

  • "Our partnership with tomedo® represents a significant step towards holistic and patient-centered care. Integrating our individualized educational videos into the practice software enables doctors to provide tailored information to their patients while simplifying documentation."

    Mona Ciotta, Co-Founder and Managing Partner medudoc education

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    Enhanced Quality of Patient Education

    The integration of medudoc into tomedo® offers medical practices a multitude of opportunities to enhance the quality of patient education. Medically validated and personalized videos from medudoc enable patients to prepare for the informed consent discussion in advance. This results in better-informed patients who can actively engage in their treatment process and recovery.

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    Time Savings and Optimal Resource Utilization

    This partnership not only provides doctors with improved patient education but also significant time savings. Patients can access their personalized educational videos from the comfort of their homes, resulting in better-informed discussions during the informed consent process, where doctors can address any remaining questions more effectively. Furthermore, automatic documentation with electronic signatures allows for seamless capture and management of informed consent-related information, significantly reducing administrative workload.

  • With tomedo®'s access to an impressive network of over 7,000 physicians, the reach and impact of this partnership extend beyond Germany and into the Swiss and Austrian markets.

  • The integration of both solutions enables simple and efficient use, leading to improved quality of patient education and documentation in medical practices.


    This collaboration combines the expertise of medudoc in creating individualized educational videos with the proven practice management software of tomedo®:

    • Physicians can prepare more efficiently, increase patient engagement, and optimize their time.
    • At the same time, the quality of education is enhanced, and documentation is simplified through the interface.

    This partnership is a significant step forward in making healthcare more patient-centered, efficient, and, above all, integrated."

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